Chris Colfer (b. 27.05.1990)

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Who is Chris Colfer?

Chris Colfer was born on May 27 1990, in California, the United States of America. He has been in love with stories since he was a child and his mother read them to him, and when she proposed to him to start writing his own fairytale, because he was always asking too many questions, he took the advice as a challenge. This is how ‟The Land of Stories” appeared, a much-loved series that has its beginnings by the time Chris was 7 years old. Both his mother and his grandmother supported him with encouragements, and it turned out that their boy had a true talent to offer to the whole world!

How did Chris Colfer become a writer?

While his baby sister had health problems and was spending a lot of time in the hospital, Chris would take refuge in his imagination and stories. He declared that the stories were the ones that saved him when he was a child and he is happy to give back to the world those written by him. Among his favorite fairytales are ‟Sleeping Beauty” or ‟Red Riding Hood”, and he declares that he loves to reinvent classic fairytales in his own original style.

Still, Chris Colfer is not only a writer, but also an actor. The role that brought him fame was that of Kurt Hummel in the series ‟Glee”, for which he won a Golden Globe. He was only 18 years old when he debuted in the series and at 19, after winning the Golden Globe, he was proposed to write his autobiography. Because it seemed to him too early to start telling the story of his life, he dedicated himself to do what he has always loved: to write books for children.

Among his first readings that motivated him to read more is ‟Harry Potter”, by J. K. Rowling, Chris Colfer living the times when the passionate fans of the series waited until midnight at the ‟Barnes and Nobles” bookstore for the release of the next volume.

Why is Chris Colfer’s work remarkable?

The writer says that most of the characters from his books for children are the mirror of his personality and life, and that the readers can find themselves among them because he has a dual perspective and he can write from several points of view.

As an actor, a singer and a writer, for Chris is hard to choose which role is closer to his heart – still, he confessed that being a writer is amazing, because he can write in pajamas! He encourages children that want to write to tell their own stories without being intimidated by other authors in the process of becoming renowned writers, and to look beyond the competitive medium.

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Librarian recommendation

Dear children, we challenge you to think of your favorite fairytale and… to write its sequel! What would you like the characters you got to know, to do after the fairytale comes to an end?




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